U.S. Engineering Team Members Share Advice for Women in Construction (WIC) Week 2022

U.S. Engineering

Originally posted at https://www.usengineering.com/2022/03/u-s-engineering-team-members-share-advice-for-women-in-construction-wic-week-2022/

Every year in March, we and others in our industry take a week to highlight women in construction. This year, March 6-12 was Women in Construction (WIC) Week. We asked seven of our team members to record videos sharing advice or encouragement for other women in the industry.

Watch their videos below.

Alyne Roemerman

“…Just get out there and explore the options that you have available to you.”

Jackie Becci

“Every construction company out there is super busy right now. So this career is a secure career to invest in.”

Sherri Lockridge

“…I am encouraged with the fact that more and more companies are exploring ways to inspire women to enter a field that is dominated by men.”

Lauren Wilson

“I hope you understand the difference that you are making.”

Stacey Stites

“…Yes, it’s a male-dominant field. But don’t let that scare you away from a challenging and rewarding career.”

Vicky Shields

“They think I don’t know, but I do, that they call me, Mama Bear. And I kinda hold that up as a badge of courage…”

Debbie Smith

“Build relationships on a personal and professional level across multiple departments, multiple roles. This builds trust, and trust is very important in this industry.”