Meet & Greet with businesses offering construction apprenticeship programs

NICE in collaboration with the various apprenticeships programs will arrange for high school seniors, and post secondary students and teachers to meet with apprenticeship instructors and directors to learn about career options, academic requirements, and earning potential associated with these career paths. Participants will also take part in hands-on activities if possible.

With the onset and impact of COVID-19, NICE must achieve a new, tangible means to achieve its mission of engaging with teachers, students, parents and the community at large.

To continue to offer these constituencies access to beneficial information to help them gauge the value of careers within the construction industry, NICE is developing a series of webinar episodes that highlights the skilled trades as well as other contractors that are seeking the future workforce.  These episodes, as they are developed, will accumulate to create a strong resource library that will be accessible only through the NICE website.

Each webinar episode will:    

  • Whenever possible, episodes will be a “live event”, and will be videotaped simultaneously.  These episodes will be scheduled to occur throughout the academic year.
  • An episode, or segment, will be at or near 30 minutes in length.  This amount of time is beneficial in that it allows for information to be shared in a manner that can fit into a class period.

The structure of each episode will most often follow this construct:

  • Training Director, or other suitable individual, will open the segment by presenting information regarding their trade/business, career opportunities and values therein.
  • A video (when available) prepared by the trade/business will be embedded into the live feed.
  • Throughout the webinar, attendees may submit questions through the Q & A feature.
  • Whenever available, an apprentice will then address the students to give them their perspective.  Apprentices will be asked to discuss how they became interested and got involved, as well as sharing their experience of participating in the program.
  • Q and A session using questions submitted by participants.

The finished product will be available for access and use at any time after it is edited and uploaded, in both the full event length, and the sub components listed above.