Programs & Events

NICE programs and events are constructed to increase awareness of young people, parents and educators to potential construction career fields including engineering, architecture, contracting and skilled trades.

The iBuild Showcase is an annual exposition, inviting metro area students to actively connect with construction and business-related trades, contractors, architects and engineering firms.  While at iBuild, students and teachers participate in hands-on activities such as a nail driving contest, bricklaying, computer-aided drafting and heavy equipment operation.

Institute for Shaping the Built Environment (ISBE) is an interactive, standards-based middle school grade specific curriculum which introduces students to the built environment as they construct “green” schools, or new baseball fields or parks and community centers. 

Math, Science, technology, engineering and communications are heavily embedded in the interactive, project-based program.  The experience culminates in a design-build competition showcased at NICE’s annual iBuild Showcase.  

NICE is developing a series of webinar episodes that highlights the skilled trades as well as other contractors that are seeking the future workforce

A day where educators meet with apprenticeship instructors and directors to learn about career options, academic requirements and earning potential associated with these career paths. 

This competition provides recognition to students for creative design, successful problem solving, and craftsmanship in preparing architectural

Offered throughout the school year and highlight a partnership with the skilled trades to introduce high school seniors to skilled trades’ apprenticeship programs.

Newly designed means to convey important information about the skilled trades in a consistent, uniform manner.

High school juniors and seniors interested in the industry, especially a career path with a skilled trade, the opportunity to obtain this valuable & necessary safety credential prior to graduation and increase their eligibility for apprenticeship application.

Newly funded program through the U S Department of Energy that promotes career pathways that monitor and oversee the utilization of green energy codes and technology in new building construction.

Designed to identify and engage middle school and high school educators from school districts in the Kansas City region that have historically not been engaged with NICE in any of its programs and events, while increasing the understanding and connection of educators to the industry.

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