Corporate Partnerships with Impact

Among the many sectors of business in our community, construction activity remains one of the steady factors in the economy, and we are compelled to keep developing the pipeline of its future workforce. Our commitment to this task is unwavering.

At NICE, we are actively developing new ways to engage with students, educators, and parents to make sure they continue to be well-informed about the great career opportunities within the construction industry. Please view our programs and discover the many ways that NICE achieves its mission. The two newest avenues for career exploration are the Construction Career Handbook and the Resilient and Efficient Codes Implementation program.

Each year, NICE partners with dynamic companies and business owners to accomplish our mission of developing our future workforce.  We strive to create partnerships that align with the charitable and business goals of your company, while keeping the focus on the needs of students, educators, and the community.

We appreciate your consideration of making a monetary contribution and also encourage you to help by direct engagement with the students through our programs. I trust that you will have a memorable experience and make an immeasurable impact in the lives of those with whom you interact.

To learn more about partnering with NICE or to explore opportunities, please read our sponsorship flyer.

Please contact Greg Lever, Executive Director at 816-668-7188, or complete our Contact Us form.

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