NICE Awards Luncheon

In the 2020-21 school year, we are presented with new challenges due to the pandemic. We are actively
developing new ways to engage with students, educators and parents to make sure they continue to be
well-informed about the great career opportunities within the construction industry. A couple examples
of these changes are the creation of a new, interactive website and creation of virtual career exploration
episodes that will accumulate in the NICE online library.
While we need to continue to raise funds to accomplish our mission, it is with respect for the well-being
of all involved that we forego the Annual Awards Luncheon, which has been our sole fundraising event.
The positive news is that among the many sectors of business in our community, construction activity
continues. It remains one of the steady factors in the economy, and we are compelled to keep developing
the pipeline of the future workforce.
Our commitment to this task is unwavering. Especially through this pandemic, your continued support of
our programs and efforts make it possible to meet the inherent challenges, and will help NICE continue
to increase its positive impact as noted on the second page of this document.
We appreciate your consideration of a contribution for 2021.

Please donate below using Paypal, or mail checks to: – Att: Greg Lever
2405 Grand  #106, Kansas City, MO 64108



Thank you for your continued support of our programs and efforts to help educators guide students toward careers in construction and skilled trades!

If you have questions about upcoming events, please contact NICE KC’s Executive Director, Greg Lever, at 816-474-0108, or email 


The Edgemoor Team joined us to discuss the future of KCI Airport. 

Colin Gardner, a student at Kansas State University spoke about the role NICE played in his choice of career. 

Professor Chuck Burton, K-State University, NICE Construction Education Award winner
Robbie Mackinen, CEO of KCATA, NICE Construction User Award winner


Photo Slideshow of 2016 event below