Vision & Goals

The National Institute for Construction of Excellence (NICE) was established in 1998 to design a construction education program which would increase awareness of the potential construction career fields of engineering, architecture, contracting and the skilled trades to young people, parents and educators.

Nice is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization.

The National Institute for Construction Excellence's overall vision and goals are to:

  • Develop our future workforce, emphasizing the educational requirements for future career success.

  • Improve education, particularly science, engineering, math and technology for all young people.

  • Desire to attract minorities and women to the career opportunities in construction, targeting urban students for future careers in architecture, engineering and construction.

  • Change the perception of the construction industry among parents, educators, counselors and youth.

  • Strengthen economic development in the community.

NICE believes that students, whether they attend college or not, deserve to have a rewarding career that provides them with a good quality of life. It is our mission at NICE to engage with the students several times a year, beginning in 6th grade and continuing that level of engagement through their senior year in high school.

“We are committed to providing a strong awareness of the positive opportunities that a career within the construction industry offers. Accomplishing our mission means that students not only realize their potential by choosing a career within the construction industry, but in the process the local community benefits by having the next generation involved in both the designing and building a truly sustainable Kansas City region.

Greg Lever

Executive Director


It’s one thing to say you build community. It’s another thing to actually do it. We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our community. That’s why we work every day to pay it forward to the communities we serve.


Bridget Fahey
J.M. Fahey Construction

Immediate Past President
Luke Deets
McCownGordon Construction

Vice President
Doug Joyce
Thomas McGee Group

Bob Jacobi
Labor-Management Council of Greater Kansas City

Sam Alpert
Construction Users Council

Brad Schoen
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Brent Wehmeyer
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

Board of Directors

Sherrie Balmer
PARIC Corporation 

Derek Bell
Kansas City Power & Light

Dr. Richard Bruce
University of Central Missouri

Carrie Byrum
Foley Equipment

LeMartt Holman

Romond Holt
The Builders’ Association

Jeff Jenkins
J. E. Dunn Construction


Isha Kassen
U.S. Engineering Innovations

Amanda Kingsolver 
Turner Construction Company

Karl Ley
VanTrust Real Estate

Andria Odrowski
Henderson Engineers

Jeffrey Valentino
Burns & McDonnell

Nate Zier
Herndon Career Center (Advisory member)


Greg Lever
NICE KC Executive Director