April 16, 2020

The iBuild Showcase is an annual exposition, inviting metro area students to actively connect with construction and business-related trades, contractors, architects and engineering firms. While at iBuild, students and teachers participate in hands-on activities such as: Nail-driving contest, Bricklaying, Computer-aided drafting, Heavy equipment

It is critically important that these students not only have the opportunity to perform hands-on activities while at the iBuild event but to interact directly with the men and women that are doing the work and represent our industry so well every day of the year. We have to hope that a certain number of the students that you will see and talk to will be excited enough about their experience to further explore the possibilities of a career in the construction industry. Thank you for your tireless effort in the work that you do, and especially for taking the time to help us positively influence the next generations of workers that will help create Kansas City’s built environment.

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Super-Sized Deal Exhibit space & Full Page Ad, year-long placement on NICE website with live link to your website $2,500
Big Deal Exhibit space & Full Page Ad $1,500
Good Deal Exhibit space & Page Ad $1,000
Deal Exhibit space & Page Ad $750
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