iBuild Showcase


April 16, 2020

Kansas City Convention Center
301 W 13th Street 
Kansas City, MO 64105

The iBuild Showcase is an annual exposition designed to help students connect with construction industry professionals.

Over 1,000 students come to iBuild every year to see the wide variety of exciting careers in construction on display. Students are offered hands-on experiences with skilled craftsmen, architects, engineers, CAD technicians, marketing, accounting, construction managers, accountants, and more!

All public and private middle and high school students in the Midwest region are welcome to come to the iBuild showcase and there is no cost for educators or students to attend. If your school has never participated before, please contact Greg Lever at NICE to get your school on board!

Hands-On Experience

At iBuild, I learned...

  • There are a lot more opportunities for women in construction
  • How to paint and do texture, lay brick, and walk the beam
  • About cranes, bobcats, backhoes, and bulldozers
  • Heavy equipment is serious work
  • Solar panels and fluorescent light bulbs give out less heat
  • How to save energy when building infrastructure
  • Safety is critical in construction and skilled trades
  • Math skills matter in the construction 


After attending iBuild...

  • I appreciate what the people in construction do.
  • I have a lot more respect for construction workers.
  • There are more career options in construction than I thought.
  • Construction workers make good money.
  • Construction work is very important.
  • I know more about skilled trades
  • I have a better understanding of what a labor union is


My favorite part of iBuild was...

  • Getting to actually paint, lay bricks, and try the MoDOT drunk goggles!
  • Learning about the I- beam and the solar panel display
  • Getting to use the bucket truck, the crane, the back hoe, the bobcat, the backhoe, and the lift
  • Talking to so many different types of construction companies
  • Seeing and trying out construction equipment


Become an iBuild Exhibitor!

We invite you to join us as an exhibitor at the NICE iBuild Showcase! This is a great opportunity to introduce your company to middle and high students and show them all the exciting careers that are available in the construction industry. It also gives you a chance to market your company to other contractors, school districts, building and trade teachers, and parents. 


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There is no cost for schools or students to attend iBuild.

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