Why consider a career in construction?

Construction is the largest industry in the country. Every American lives in the "built" environment – the product of the construction industry. This includes residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

  • The construction industry employs more than 7.7 million people in the US
  • There will be millions of new jobs in the construction industry in the years ahead.

There are a lot of options and opportunities. The industry is as diverse as the structures it builds.  Careers range from craft-level professions, Technical, Management, to Architects and Engineers, Office,  Accounting and other support positions are also available.

  • Diverse education levels are needed - Apprenticeships, Vocational training, 2-year or 4-year degrees.
  • A variety of skills are used depending on the position:  physical and manual dexterity, mathematics skills, problem solving skills, computer skills, and more.
  • The average age of workers in the skilled trades nationwide is 48
  • Baby boomers (born 1945-1950) have begun to retire and those positions, along with new ones, need to be filled.

What will your Career in Construction path look like?

Careers in Construction

1. Accountant/Auditor:

2. Administrative Assistant/Executive Secretary

3. Architect

4. Bookkeeper and Accounting Clerk

5. Chief Financial Officer

6. Constructor

7. Draftsman

8. Engineer

9. Estimator

10. Expeditor/Purchasing Agent

11. Foreman

12. Management Information Systems Manager

13. Marketing Manager

14. Office Manager

15. Project Manager

17. Scheduler

18. Superintendent

19. Boilermaker

20. Bricklayer

21. Carpenter

22. Cement Mason

23. Electrician

24. Elevator Constructor

25. Floor Layer

And More!

26. Glazier

27. Heat & Frost Insulator

28. Iron Worker

29. Laborer

30. Operating Engineer/Equipment Operator

31. Painter and Paperhanger

32. Pipefitter / Steamfitter / Sprinklerfitter

33. Plasterer

34. Plumber

35. Roofer

36. Sheet Metal Worker

37. Surveyor/Field Engineer (Rodman, Chainman, Instrument Man, Party Chief)

38. Truck and Tractor Driver