The iBuild Showcase is an annual exposition and one of the major events which brings students together for an opportunity to actively connect with industry professionals. Students learn how they might choose their fields of endeavor. This program demonstrates the wide array of careers that are connected to the construction industry. These include skilled craftsmen, architects, engineers, CAD technicans, marketing, accounting, construction managers, just to name a few.

During the last five years, averages of 1,000 or more students attend each year, with 30 to 40 percent young women and approximately 50% minorities. Participating students represent all the school districts in the Kansas City metropolitan area.


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Comments about iBuild are from a survey:

At iBuild I learned:

  • There are lots of opportunities for women in construction.
  • About how to paint and do texture, lay brick, and walk the beam.
  • About the crane, bobcat, backhoe, and bulldozer.
  • About heavy equipment and that it is serious work.
  • About solar panels and fluorescent light bulbs give out less heat.
  • About how to save energy and about solar panels.
  • Safety is important when working in construction.
  • You need math skills in the construction industry.

After attending iBuild:

  • I appreciate what the people in construction do.
  • I have a lot more respect for what they do.
  • There are a lot of career options in construction.
  • People in the construction industry can make good money.
  • What the people in construction do is important.
  • Construction industry sounds more interesting because I learned more about it.

At iBuild, I liked:

  • Getting to actually paint, lay bricks, and trying the MoDOT drunk goggles.
  • Learning about the I- beam and the solar panel display.
  • Getting to use the bucket truck, the crane, the back hoe, the bobcat, the backhoe, and the lift.